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Spent 10 days on a low iodine diet and was all ready for my radioactive iodine abalation treatment. Used thy roger so didnt have to go off my thyroid medicine. Had the diagnostic scan so they could determine the dose for treatment. Expected to hear the dose and how long I would need to be secluded. Instead eight lymph node lit up. They were too involved to address with rai. I would need another surgery, and this one would leave a much bigger scar.

I was floored. It wasn't a possibility I had really considered. I am traditionally a prepare for the worst pessimist, but I had taken a much different approach with the cancer diagnosis. Glad I did, think it helped with the recovery from the first surgery and no prep or worry would have helped me.

Mine was an odd case, only one of the lymph nodes in the box around the thyroid itself was involved and it had not gotten hard or shown other obvious signs. Instead the cancer invaded lymph nodes up each side of my neck.

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