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Radiation Associated with Endometrial (Uterine) Cancer. Posted on September 8, 2012 View this journey (8 Experiences)

The only part that was truly not much fun at all was the 6 weeks of radiation. It made me vomit every time I put food in my mouth, or even water for that matter! When I wasn't receiving treatment or vomitting I was sleeping. I actually slept about 18 to 20 hours a day. Sounds crazy doesn't it? But it was a blessing to sleep through it.

The impact on my daily life was huge. I spent 15 months without working. Fortunately, even though my employer had given me sick leave, he fired me four weeks after I started my sick leave. That ended up being a gift as well because I was able to draw unemployment, so I didn't become homeless. LOL. (I'm single and pay all of my own bills, motrgage, etc.)

For 12 of those 15 months family, friends and members of my church Care Ring brought me hot, organic, very healthy and delicious food. Enough for two days. Two days later another person would bring food. When the people brought food they would visit for a short while and ask what, if anything, they could do for me. I've never felt more loved and cared for in my life. Not one person had to bring food more than once. I had no idea how many people I knew; fine and loving people. How could anyone remain ill with that happening all around them?

Painless Experience: Strongly Agree
Minimal Side Effects: Strongly Disagree
Minimal Impact to Daily Life: Strongly Disagree

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