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I was diagnosed with leukoplakia when I was 28 and had a biopsy / laser removal done and was told it was benign and that probably was nothing. Im 42 now and just found out it is cancer and is a tumor. I went to an ent doctor one year ago to get a biopsy but he felt it was no big deal since it stopped hurting. Now I am going to loose half of my tongue and I am awaiting to get more tests to see if it has spread. I sort of feel like this is happening to someone else. Im a single mom of 3 kids age 13, 11 and 4.5. So far I have a good attitude and took the 'bad' news well but felt a bit teary eyed at the notion of loosing so much of my tongue wondering if I will sound like babbling idiot though I was told no. But Im also worried it could be more serious. My youngests father is trying to be supportive but my real concern is for my kids well being and wonder if I should share this with them or keep it to myself? I dont want them to feel hurt or scared so I have not told them. I did tell my mom since we live together and felt she needed to know I felt terrible for her because she lost her mother to cancer and at least 5 siblings to it.

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