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Other Care Associated with Invasive, Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Posted on June 23, 2012 View this journey (3 Experiences)

Here is the links for where I got some of my info;

TO BUY PROTOCEL there are 2 places in the US; COST IS $178 plus shipping. I got an email from webnd people who told me Protocel 50 is best for me and to read that book outsmart your cancer from amazon , uh but I have to wait till July 3 to do that lol.

Found this guys website interesting and you can go to youtube and watch him make his batch. THIS IS THE BAKING SODA PROTOCOL

This is that book

Testimonial I thought was good

RIGHT NOW I HAVE SWITCHED TO AN ALKALINE DIET as so many others do when they find out they have cancer. I was eating a very acidic diet before. I find this website useful and have eating this way now.

SO BASICALLY based on some research this is what I am going to try first;

Baking Soda Protocol until I get $200 to order the Protocel 50 online.
Buy that book plus a few others i think will be helpful. I am talking about the outsmart your cancer book.
Also jump on the mini trampoline 20 minutes in morning and 20 at night to jumpstart the lymph nodes so your natural immune system can start fighting the cancer.
I would like to eat 50 apricot seeds as well (the center is soft you crack them open) theycontain vitamin b17 and is cyanide to cancer but got to figure out where to get that many apricots from or maybe someone knows where I can get b17 from hmm...
Drink 1 gallon of water a day currently doing this.
EAT ALKALINE DIET. whats this? Basically vegies / fruits but not just any very little to no meat and of course no red meat click on the link above to find what to eat ect.

Thats all the info I got right now. Based on what I heard from my Dr.s at Stanford all of it is risky. They were honest with me and said that there's no way to know if we can get all the cancer due to the micro ones since CT and PET Scans cant see those. I already knew about that siince I had done alot of research online. THATS WHY YOU HAVE TO TRY THE PROTOCEL ANYWAYS PEOPLE! And that is my logic behind trying the Protocel becaue they CANT get it all and YOU HAVE TO try it anyways. I will let you know if my cancer is gone or not in a month or two and what I did exactly.

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