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Early this Spring, my father-in-law was diagnosed with nasal pharyngeal cancer. It sounded like a unique cancer - much more prevalent in Asia. But apparently it is has arrived in Florida. I ever even had heard of this type of cancer before.

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    I was diagnose with nasopharyngeal cancer stage 3 in June 2011. This form of cancer is rare, and usually found in Asians. I am Asian woman age 57.
    I started my cancer treatment in July1, 2011. I had 35 days of radiation therapy with chemo therapy in July, and Aug. I had my last chemo therapy in Nov. After 10 days into my radiation my doctor suggested I put a G-tube in my stomach. I needed til I was finish with my chemo therapy.
    I am experiencing very dry mouth after my radaition therapy. I have difficult time to eat solid food. I am not able to eat any spices in my food, and find it hard to swallow any meat. My diet consist mostly Ensure and protein smoothies to get my calories. I lost about 17 lbs. and have gained 7 lbs. Due to my dry mouth I am not able to sleep through out the night without being awake with getting up to drink water every two hours.
    I hope anyone with my type of cancer or experience can share their helpful suggestions to combat the struggles I face each day.

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