Back to the ER again, but why? - kashubian

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Back to the ER last night. As per the diverticulitis, if the pain spiked again or he got an infection we should come in. As it was already the end of the day, we called the triage nurse...and were told to come in. They got his pain under control and his temp down and decided that since there was no emergency and he's a complicated patient (with all that's going on he really is) that we could come home and head in to see his doctor in the morning. We're headed back to the CT a bit before his 2 month scan was scheduled because it will help narrow down what else we have to look at. It's one of 3 things: 1) gallbladder 2) diverticulosis or 3) liver mets. His liver mets could be growing or dying. Our hopes are that the darn lesions are dying post SBRT.

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