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So, after aggressive treatment over the course of the last 2 years, Steve has progressed from diagnosis at stage IIB to stage IIIA after his surgery, to stage IV as of the fall of 2014. His last CT scans (chest, abdomen, pelvis) showed that his liver had clearly received radiation therapy. It also showed stability, and HIS TUMOR HAD SHRUNK! My favorite word prior to this was "Stable". He was stable in his post SBRT CT scans. Now, his oncologist said there were signs that at least one of the tumors did shrink! Now "shrinkage" is my new favorite word....thank you George Castanza. At stage IV, he only has a 4% chance of reaching that 5 yr milestone. His spirits are high, after all, he served on the USS Lawrence and their moto was "Don't Give Up The Ship". He says "someone makes up that 4%, I'm not done here yet, so why not me?" Why not indeed. We feel incredibly blessed.

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