Diverticulitis - kashubian

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About 4 years ago he had a "horrendously" bleeding diverticulum. Horrendous, that was his surgeon's word. He lost about 1/3 of his blood that time. The bad news is that once you have diverticulosis, those bad boys never go away, so eat more fiber. He'd been having gut cramps for the last 2 weeks on and off. Saturday night was miserable, Sunday was worse and last night was sleepless so Monday morning brought a call to his oncology nurse about where we should go. Off to oncology for a blood draw before an emergency CT. The good news was it's not the cancer spreading, it was diverticulitis. He was admitted for I.V. antibiotics, which will hopefully clear it up. The CT showed measurable fluid in the abcess, but they don't think it ruptured. At this point bed rest and the iv should handle it and they don't think he will need surgery. If it's not one thing, it is another. The old saying about if you have your health, you have everything is sure true.

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