Governor of Wisconsin signed proclamation: November as Curing Stomach Cancer Month - kashubian

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Back in Oct, while waiting for my husband's liver biopsy to be scheduled we felt helpless. What a sucky feeling. I visited Debbie's Dream Foundation: Curing Stomach Cancer and saw in their advocacy tab about how to apply for a proclamation in your state. There were only 3 states to recognize November as Curing Stomach Cancer Month as of 20 Oct 2014. It wasn't much, but it was doing something and doing something was better than doing nothing. So, with the help of DDF, following their step-by-step guidelines, I applied for the proclamation. It typically takes 4+ weeks. The Proclamations Director told me he wasn't sure if he could make the 01 November deadline I had requested as a dream date, but he would see what he could do. Today we got the e-mail that 31 October 2014 Gov. Walker had signed my proclamation. At that moment we felt empowered, like I could accomplish anything, like I could make a difference. What a far cry from the feeling of utter helplessness in the face of this horrific disease that we had experienced only days earlier.

It isn't much, in and of itself it will not change the world. In and of itself it is just words on a piece of paper. What it will help do is raise awareness for stomach cancer, one of the most deadly cancers with a dismal 5 yr survival rate of only 4%. That awareness may help spur our health care system to begin early detection screening as is utilized in other parts of the world. It may help raise stomach cancer's status from the least federally funded cancer in research dollars. At least that is my hope. Today I got to be a dreamer and my feet barely touched the ground. Today the world was awash in periwinkle blue (the cancer awareness ribbon colour for gastric cancers, both esophageal and stomach). Today I dreamed they knew how to cure this cancer so we could hear that my husband was NED.

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