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One of his diverticulum had abscessed. The infection was hard to find since his white blood cell count was high from the filgrastim shots, and he had some lingering aspects of pneumonia (fluid in his lung) that made it hard to determine just what was causing his persistent low grade fever, as high as 100, but never the requisite 100.5 degrees F to set off any real alarm bells. The Friday before he was to receive his 6th and last planned round of chemo, we had another complication. That abscess had opened communication between his colon and bladder, he had fecal matter in his urine. This is called a fistula. Psychologically horrific, this took a lot out of him. But, (thank you God) he had the best possible scenario of a bad situation. Had the abscess opened into his abdomen rather than draining out his bladder, sepsis would have been rampant and would have changed the outlook. As it was, the surgeon sent him home from the ER for the weekend, the diagnostic colonoscopy and surgery scheduled for the next week. Bleeding on Monday necessitated admittance to the hospital, and the partial colectomy took place on Wednesday along with the fistula takedown. 9 inches of his sigmoid colon were removed and a jp drain placed in the abscess, which remained for 2 weeks after his 11 day hospital stay. The surgery did cause us to reprioritize, taking the break from chemo wasn't decided on our schedule, but by the development of the fistula. However, we were able to have the lymph node mass along his spine biopsied during the surgery, something we otherwise would not have been able to do. The surgery has been difficult for him to bounce back from. He entered the hospital at 152#, he is now 144#.

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