Respiratory Infection - C. Diff Worries - kashubian

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Our primary care provider recently retired, that made finding someone to see Steve very difficult. After the diverticulitis and upper right abdominal pain, weeks of not breathing deeply and he developed a respiratory infection. He was placed on yet another antibiotic, his 5th of 2015 and it was only February! Our next worry, C. Diff. Because of all the antibiotics, the good "bugs" in his guts had been depleated, this put him at a high risk for contracting C. Diff. , a dangerous bacteria that can colonize your gut in as little as 24 hours after initial infection, and is very difficult to get rid of. So, Note to Everyone: if you are on an antibiotic, take a probiotic. Talk to your doctor, it's true. Probiotics to the rescue...and you'll need WAY more than you could possibly eat in yogurt.

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