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A preliminary ultrasound found a nodule in the right lobe of his thyroid. This resulted in a formal ultrasound, which found a nodule which was 1.1 cm in its largest dimension. This meant a biopsy. The biopsy was done with the needle guided by ultrasound, and the endocrinologist looked at the slides immediately to be sure enough tissue had been taken for the biopsy. The biopsy was taken 02 July and we expect the results by the 9th. He has an MRI scheduled for the 10th rather than his customary bimonthly CT scan. I suspect the MRI was scheduled rather than the CT to give a better detailed look at the mass in his liver that resulted in his last PET scan. We'll be following up with the oncologist on the 17th and will learn more then.

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    Happy News! The thyroid biopsy came back benign. They will watch the nodule in annual visits to the endocrinologist. The MRI gave a better view of the 14mm mass in his liver that they do not like the looks of, it is under his diaphragm which means it can't be biopsied. We have adopted a watch and wait approach with this and continue with CT scans every 2 or 3 months to monitor his liver. His latest scan was Friday 10/10/2014 and we will meet with the oncologist on Monday to see how they look. His radiation oncologist continues to follow his case closely, she said that if his oncologist decides he really doesn't like the looks of that mass in his liver that we can turn to radiation again for treatment. It offers hope, because I have a very difficult time with feeling impotent in a situation, at least it would be something we could do. I hate "scansiety".

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