Yet another CT - kashubian

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We ended December and 2014 with yet another CT, this one post-SBRT. As fast growing as those liver lesions were, we are pleased to hear "the chest CT is stable, no new occurences" and "the pelvic and abdomen CTs are stable, no new occurrences and no change to the 2 lesions in his liver". So, did we "cook" them enough to kill them? We don't know yet. His LFS (liver function studies) remained stable throughout SBRT, surprising, but then he has been very lucky so far. We'll take stable as being very good at this point. We still have an effective chemotherapy we can use in the future if need be, but we are holding that in reserve. If the radiation didn't "nuke" it, then the name of the game will be to slow it down as much as possible and buy more time. Mixed news, but more positive at this point than negative. Bottom line is we still have hope.

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