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My latest blood test shows low level para proteins, so my remission after stem cell transplant lasted for 15 months. I started Thalidomide again to try and keep it under control. A BIG oh no moment, feeling sad,angry,frustrated and all together over this. I have 3 teenage kids, a husband and elderly mother that need me and I'm so angry this wretched disease is taking my time and energy away from them! Sorry Rant over on to positive, kicking cancer's butt thoughts :)

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    I'm in the same boat:( last month my white blood cell count had dropped. They did full body X-ray's Thursday and belief it's back in my right shin! One X-Ray showed it, the other (same area) didn't. They told me if I feel pain or discomfort call n we would get MRI fast. Other wise redoing X-rays 4 months. I am feeling discomfort so guess we are scheduling MRI prob next week. I am 20 months post transplant. They have frozen enough stem cells for two more transplants. The worst part about this is if we do transplant - the year to recuperate. But to survive- it's worth it!!! I haven't told my kids anything , I don't want them scared or changing their lives around AGAIN!

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