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I received a call around 8pm on 12/26/11 from my sister in Chicago telling me she was taking my brother in law to the ER. She said she did not want me to come at that time and will keep me posted with what they find out. At 3:30 AM I received the dreaded phone call. My brother in law who has been the rock of my family was diagnosed pancreatic cancer.
He has to be one of the most positive, focused driven people I know of. He was diagnosed, then started chemo fairly quickly and right now has been up at the cabin in Canada enjoying life.
For the last 15 years he has enjoyed the entire summer from May to Oct up in a cabin on a lake. He is an avid bass fisherman. He feels no cancer is going to stop him. He continues his chemo treatments at a center in Minnesota, about 4 hours south of the cabin. He drives himself there and back every Wednesday for 3 weeks, has a week off then back at it. He has enjoyed his friends and family coming up to visit and fish with him all summer long. This man's love of life continues to amaze me.

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