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I haven't kept close track of the dates, but around Sept2015 I felt a different lump under my right axilla. I didn't think much of it because I had just had surgery a month ago, in early AUG.
I was going to mention it in OCT15 monthly apt, but had so many other issues. Finally in OCT/NOV, I brought it up. Went through ultrasound, RT breast box times 2, CT with and w/o of chest and abd., Nuc med bone scan. What showed up was a recurrence of TNBC in the RT axilla lymph node. Very difficult to believe this cell lived through all the chemo and radiation I had. Dr F believes "there are other sleeper seeds still around in my body." There was an 85/15 chance of cure going into it, the first time. Now it's only 50/50 and there are no trials that I fit into. This has a very poor prognosis. I want to live. I want to be strong and live. Please.

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