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Why my left? my seat belt goes right across my port and genuinely irritates it. I know this is petty, but I also now have to change a 38 year habit of carrying my purse on my left. what guides the doc's decision to go left or right?

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    I know the surgeon asked me if I was a righty or lefty. I am a righty and port implanted on the left. Bra strap irritated the XXX out of me so used to leave down and the seatbelt strap was just as irritating. I used to put a folded dishtowel between me and seatbelt. I had port for additional 6 months after chemo when had 2 clean scans at 3 n 6 months. When I went to local hospital for port flush during that time, they gave me a soft velcro strap to attach to seatbelt to buffer. Heads up the genie bra was ok as the strap was light and wide.

    almost 4 years ago
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    My chemo port went on my right (I don't remember them asking but they probably did). I remember feeling the seat belt uncomfortably the first few weeks but since it healed up and the bruising went away it's been OK. A search on Google for "port implant seat belt" brings up some cushions that would probably provide relief from the seatbelt and maybe even a purse?

    With chemo I have found that it is all about managing these "little" things before they become big - getting control over the things you can control. The doctors and nurses really are the experts at managing all the chemo side effects and so far they have had a remedy for everything I encountered (except for the fatigue). So make sure you mention any problems or discomfort to them early. I made a mistake my first chemo week not wanting to bother anyone with a constipation issue and that was a painful mistake that the nurses helped me fix in the second go-around. Best of luck with your treatment!

    almost 4 years ago

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