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Into my second year of chemotherapy I went to my appointment at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and had my check up spinal tap bone marrow extraction, the day after we got a phone call my oncologist calling to have my parents come up to the hospital to discuss the results, my pArents told me they were going to Hanover and they were going to drop me off to play with my cousin, of course at that age I was excited to be going to play with my cousin!
My doctors also wanted to meet with me and my parents together to discuss what the results of the test they told me that I had relapsed and that my cancer had come back but was even worse than it was when I got diagnosed the first time. This really hit me for a loop. They then began to tell me that I would have to have both in clinic visits and in hospital stays, I took a moment to think of what they had told me whether to fight for my life or give up and leave my family to be in heaven? I knew that I was all my parents had and that I had to fight for them and my family and friends as well as my teachers and my community!

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