Breakthrough - Kenster

Celebration Associated with Prostate Cancer. Posted on October 22, 2019 View this journey (11 Experiences)

On August 26, 2019 my doctor said my tumors were rapidly increasing in size and number. He said, with the exception of Chemotherapy, we are out of options. I told him I didn't want chemotherapy so this was the end of the road of a long fought battle. The doc said as long as I'm feeling good, I should go home and enjoy my days and so I did. The next morning, Aug-27, my doctor calls me at home and says he has good news. He had just received a biopsy report from one of my tumors. He said my cancer gene mutation was a very rare match for a new immunotherapy called Keytruda. The treatments are given by IV and I received my first treatment on Sep-6-2019. Three weeks later on Sep-27 I received my second treatment and at this time my PSA was 16.4. On Oct-18-2019 I received my third treatment and at this time my PSA had dropped to 3.4. I will return on Nov-8 for another treatment and another PSA test. I'm feeling really good right now. God has blessed me.

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