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My doctor has decided to not do my surgery. When we sset the date for my surgery, she did tell me that she was leaving to go to a different institution so she would only be able to do the surgery and the first follow-up. Well, she called today and told me that she will not do the surgery at all and she referred me to someone else. She had also referred me to a reconstructive surgeon who ended up not taking my insurance... and in the midst of her referring a different doctor, she calls to say she will have someone else do it. Which pushes the date back - to only God knows when. She was so adamant about me doing the surgery ASAP when I met with her in December.... now all of a sudden, it isn't necessary for me to have the surgery right away! I am so upset! I am so hurt right now! This is the hardest time in my life! I had finally got to the place where I had accepted this terrible thing and was ready to attack it head on with a doctor I was comfortable with and now I am back at square one! I hate this! I hate that I have to go through this mess! I have very very little support in this already... so this just makes me feel even more alone. If I didnt have my son I dont think I would even try to fight this! I am already tired!

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