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I haven't had time to be active on this site - but the daily emails I receive keep me up on things in general.
My mother, who was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer on January 22, passed away on August 12.
It's still too hard for me to wrap my head around all the details - but everything spun out of control very quickly. She started a new chemo treatment on Monday, August 3rd ( I don't have the name in front of me). On Tuesday, she was having trouble with shortness of breath - but told us not to worry as she was visiting with her doctor the next day. She went to the doctor's appointment - even walked in on her own. She was totally out of breath when she got to the exam room. They immediately checked her O2 level. It was in the low 60s. The doctor had an ambulance take her to the hospital - and she never left. We spent that Wednesday night in ER where they ruled out a blood clot - but determined she had massive fluid build up on her lungs. We had to put her under hospice care (in the hospital) early the next morning. She passed away on Wednesday evening August 12th. She was a peace, thanks to drugs, but we were not. It just happened too fast.
I thought I would share this brief description of her journey - this is a great website and resource. My best to all of you out there taking care of a loved one - it is a journey for everyone involved. - Kerry

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