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On Monday morning I start CVP with Rituxan. I am nervous about the side effects as only last May I was on Treandra and had the worst side effects. It has been such a whirlwind since getting the CT results on Tuesday and have been at the medical center each day for a test and then the port placement. I am worried because I came out of remission so quickly. I am quite frankly scared. I have always been strong during chemo, not sure why I don't feel strong this time.

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    Don't let the short remission scare you. After R-CHOP, I had a nine month remission. Then I was in a clinical trial where I got Zevalin and Velcade, had a 34 month remission.. Then it was Bendamustine. I do seasonal work and it was the season. The Bendamustine made me fatigued and caused me to lose a week of work beyond the two days of treatment, so I stopped it after two treatments. I was put on Rituxan weekly for four weeks and then quarterly for two years ending July 2012. I am now in remission 44 months. My point is that even though I had a short remission the first time, things got better.

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