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I was diagnosed in 2003 with brain cancer and again in 2010. In remission for almost 2 yrs this April. In PT & OT due to after affects from 1st & 2nd tumor which affected my right side. On seizure meds & Adivan. The 2nd tumor moved over to my sensory motor which affected my arm. I am sensitive to light, sounds, smells. I am enjoying life to it's fullest. My Neur-oncologist is the best her in Orlando at the UF Cancer Center. He has walked along with us since 2003. I had surgery in 2004 to remove the first tumor. It died in the brain and the surgeon picked it out. No Chemo or Radiation. In remission 6yrs, till a new one appeared. Had 27 treatments using the Novalis Radiation. Had pill chemo Tamadar for 1 yr. a pill every 23 days. My vision and mission is to help others going through this horrible disease. Give them HOPE and because of God I made it through both times. I have 2 FB support groups. It has really helped me to understand the after affects and all the feeling I have felt. I discovered that I had PTSD and I am dealing with understanding what that entails. I am also menopausal, which adds fuel to the fire. I am not involved in a support group, but made one of my own. I feel healthy, spite pain in my body learning how to walk properly. It has been a incredible journey. I surrendered it all to God. He is what sustains me..My motto, "IN REMISSION AND ON A MISSION".

  • Fusionera's Avatar

    Congratulations! That is too awesome! :-)

    I am heading into my 20th year battling a Grade III Oligoastrocytoma (one of those obnoxious mixed up tumors). I would love to talk with you privately if you wouldn't mind. Please feel free to e-mail me on yahoo or gmail. I'm Fusionera.

    over 7 years ago
  • muggsy's Avatar

    We too are in Orlando and my husband has a GBM. Can you give me your Neurooncologists name? You are very blessed and I pray it goes into remission for ever!

    over 7 years ago
  • Ninoshka's Avatar

    you sound awesome\

    over 6 years ago

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