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Yesterday i've finished 8 cycles of carboplatin and paclitaxel. I had carboplatin every 21 days and paclitaxel every week.

Since i took paclitaxel weekly, my doctor was nervous about infection so i wasn't allowed to be in crowded places etc (I'm still not allowed for a month since my treatment was completed yesterday.) Especially after the 3rd cycle my WBC was below normal level. But other than that i haven't felt nausea ,tiredness or any other symptoms. I lost my hair but i tried lots of wigs which was fun actually. I have some eyebrows and lashes left. But these are just details.

After a month i can go freely to anywhere i want and i can't wait to do that. I wasn't afraid of chemo and i was right about that. My morale was high, so my body could tolerate it easily i suppose. Also today there's strong medicine to fight against the side effects. I drank 3.5 litters of water everyday and i tried to workout 30min 5days a week.

Now i'm both happy and nervous at the same time. Finishing the treatment feels great but i'm nervous if it comes back. I'll just concentrate to positive things. I've seen lots of cancer patients beat this disease in the hospital. I want to be one of them.

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  • sunshine72's Avatar

    you will be!! I'm staring my my 6th cycle and last ccycle of IV and IP chemo. Day1 Taxol IV, Day2 Cisplatin IP, Day 8 Taxol IP. Everything is looking great and hope to be done with this forever :) I have lost all my hair pretty much everywhere and my eyebrows are almost gone and can actually count the lashes I have left.
    Prior to this I was extremely active but have so much fatigue now, can't wait to start again. God luck with everything!!!!

    almost 7 years ago
  • sunshine72's Avatar

    I'm also very nervous about it coming back, but you are right, we need to concentrate on the great stuff in our lives :)

    almost 7 years ago
  • kirs33's Avatar

    IP therapy is better than mine as far as i know. I wish i could have received that. Now nearly 2 months past after my final cycle. My ca-125 will be checked in every 3 months since i'm ca-125 sensitive. My lashes and eyebrows are back to normal. My hair isn't that strong though. I'm back to my normal life and it feels great. I feel more alive than ever. I have fun doing pretty much everything other than chores of course . I don't have the energy of a regular 25-years-old yet but i'll get there.

    almost 7 years ago

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