Hospitalization - knocks

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Saw oncologist on Friday (2 weeks post discharge) and feeling fine. Saturday woke with severe sore throat, temp 101.7, inability to swallow even water without choking. Hospitalized on antibiotics and nystatin (for oral thrush). Platelet count at 26 on admission. NPO (no food, liquids, or medication by mouth) on admission due to risk of aspirating while swallowing.

Difference of opinion on cause of sore throat. Hospitalist (who came on Monday 2 days after admission) believes spontaneous bleed in esophagus. We believe esophageal thrush first caused lesions in throat which began bleeding Monday or Tuesday when platelet count dropped below 10, and began resolving Tuesday with platelet transfusion.

Hospitalist sees this as second spontaneous bleed and reason to consider discontinuing transfusions and entering hospice. We want to treat for thrush and see if thrush recurs when antifungal is discontinued before making decision. Hospitalist has agreed to begin IV antifungal for treatment of esophageal thrush despite difference of opinion.

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