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Loss Associated with Thymoma. Posted on June 18, 2013 View this journey (5 Experiences)

My mind constantly goes back to my last difficult battle with cancer in 2008. After being diagnosed in August of 2007, my father was hospitalized in September of 2007. He died by the end of that month. January of 2008 my husband took ill from a heart aneurism that spread to his abdomen with infections. I visited M.D. Anderson in Houston, and The Cancer Centers of America in Zion, Illinois. After finding a plan of action for me to move ahead with chemo, surgery, and then radiation, my husband remained hospitalized for six months. During this time of receiving chemotherapy , I lost all of my hair. Two and a half months later, my husband passed away on June 6, 2008, this was the last day of school, before summer break for my two daughters, who were eleven and nine years old at the time.These painful memories resurface as I begin to face another journey.

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