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Radiation Associated with Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). Posted on September 7, 2012 View this journey (4 Experiences)

Radiation began just before Thanksgiving and ended December 31st. No problems, very comfortable, great staff...overall a very good experience. Then at the end of January I had redness and swelling that got worse over the next few days. The surgery site looked like a blister...lots of fluid behind the skin but the skin was fairly thick so it wasn't about to open or anything but I was very uncomfortable to say the least. Antibiotics were started immediately to no avail. A surgery drained some of the built up fluid but other than some pressure relief it didn't help. Different antibiotics were tried, again with no affect on it. During a scheduled 3 month check up at the Mayo, the doctors there did an ultrasound and then proceeded to aspirate the site...two different doctors, two different needle aspirations on the same day! The fluid gradually diminished in size and during a 6 month check-up in May called it a seroma...something that is not uncommon following radiation! Much to my chagrin (and discomfort) a mammogram was scheduled. Several days later the site opened up and drained on its own! It is all behind me now...and I plan on only routine checkups going forward. I was glad for the radiation vs chemo but did not expect the seroma surprise!

Painless Experience: Strongly Agree
Minimal Side Effects: Neutral/NA
Minimal Impact to Daily Life: Neutral/NA

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