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I first had a colonoscopy in 2004 and the doctor's office said they were going to refer me to a medical university and would contact me in 2 weeks. However, 2 weeks went by and I then contacted them and they said they still did not have an appt. for me. Time goes by and I became the caregiver for my grandmother who had dementia and brought her to live with me and my family. I get busy taking care of my gma and working I don't go back to the gastroenterologist. I go back to my primary doctor for a annual check up and he asks me about the outcome of my colonoscopy and I told him they never called me back with an appointment. My doctor in turn makes a call before I leave his office and schedule another appt. that same week, when I go in to see the doctor he asks me who did my colonoscopy I tell him he did. He excuses himself and later returns to tell me he will do another colonoscopy. When the procedure is done he then wants to send me to a surgeon and never tells me it's cancer. I have no faith or trust in this dr. and how they let me fall by the wayside and opt to go to another doctor out of our area.
Also, mind you my husband had also been dx with colon cancer Nov. 2006, but by another doctor and I ended up going to the same surgeon he had and the gastro. I had would not even send my records over for me all I had was the photos and when they were compared you could see how much the growths had progressed in 3 yrs. I had the surgery June 2007, seven months after my husband was dx. I had a resection and that is when I learned I had stage 4 colon cancer. My husband and I both were going through chemo together.

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