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The biggest lesson I've learned in life is to ask for help! Cancer was my first teacher twelve years ago, so very many side effects, one minute fine, next minute sick to my stomach or having fever or when my simplest meds, Compazine twisted my lips, and legs to one side and the Dr. in ER gave only a small dose of benedryl so the next day, the same happened again. This time I used what I had and it worked. Leftovers used to be my favorite but not during cancer /chemo. I had so many tooth problems too. I was at times unable to drive and had at times 2 Dr. appts. in one day. Each one end from the other. HeeeelllllP! Another challenge was asking a visitor to take out the garbage down the steps or pick up a meal before their arrival.

What I'm celebrating about is How Attitude Can Heal! Yes, experience does help if I'm able to look at it as open as possible. Not to ignore my feelings but to nurture them with love and understanding. Since Cancer in 2000, now I've also been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration and I'm legally blind in my right eye. Now, I also do not drive anymore and this year in June I had a heart attack.

Is life easy? Who says it is?? I choose to do what I love doing and that brings not only joy for me but to others as well. It's a tradition I inherited from my grandmother who raised me. She used to bring laughter to even the most complaining relatives. She would ask each one to make a silent wish and turn their cup with the thick remaining grounds on the bottom onto the saucer. This is an Armenian tradition that I continue to do today. As a matter of fact when I was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer an interview I had done in Pasadena Ca. was published at the same time I had received my first chemo and after reading several cups at home the next time I went for the next dose I told my oncologist that I believe the tumor has shrunk and she was shocked. It had shrunk from a walnut size to a pea.

I believe joy and laughter shared is the best way to heal!

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