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After a 6 week break from chemo to get CT & PET scans, I resumed w/more of the same chemo regimen (will have 6 this time every 2 weeks) except Xeloda pills were substituted w/5FU administered through my port by a pump. I broke out in lip/mouth sores after the 4th day & had to get an Rx to clear them up. I just had my second of 6 treatments, w/the 5FU reduced by 25% to decrease mouth/lip problems, and have had few side effects except slight sensitivity to cold. I am maintaining a weight of 103-108 generally.

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    what did they give you for your mouth sore ? Mine are on the inside of my bottom lip and NOTHING is working !! Dr. also reduced my 3rd chemo treatmnt dosage by 25% but it helped a little but not much - I am going going for round #4 of 12 on Tuesday -also have cold sensitivity and keeping my weight down too - to 115 lbs and blood work is good - sounds like we are not doing too bad - wish you were here in Florida!! God Bless

    over 8 years ago

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