Starting chemo next week as Outpatient then three weeks later inpatient - LeeAnnP

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I had no idea I would be spending time as an inpatient three times this summer, plus three OP days, all three weeks apart. Anybody else have there chemo done this way?

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    Bless you. Stay strong remember to eat and have some protein shake ready. I just start journey April 11, 2019. I watched my father fight and loose to pancreatic cancer. It was hard to eat. Keep your strength up by drinking the assure type protein stuff. I have tried a few . Not bad if you can't eat .

    6 months ago
  • LeeAnnP's Avatar

    I found out when I went in for my 1st treatment that the order was entered wrong and I do NOT have to be in the hospital.

    6 months ago

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