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PHEW - it's hard to not have much hemoglobin... If it goes much lower, I'll end up with a transfusion. AVOIDING THAT!!!! Yes yes - I know we work hard to keep our blood supply safe, but we can only keep it safe against things we actually know about....

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    Dear Leepenn:
    I don't know what low hgb means in your case, but hgb count after my first infusion dropped to 8 ( normal being 12-15). I have a hereditary anemia (thalassemia) and normally run low, around 10 or 11. So my oncologist said I should do fine since my body is used to running on low hgb! But she also said if it gets any lower, she would order a transfusion. No real advice as to now to deal with it except take naps when you feel tired. It helps more than anything else I've tried. My mom has the same anemia and had to be given a transfusion after knee surgery and it helped her a lot in her recovery. I don't think a transfusion is worrisome and if my 86 year mother can handle it, so can I!

    over 8 years ago

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