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Side Effects Associated with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer, Ductal. Posted on December 12, 2011 View this journey (23 Experiences)

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  • Marie's Avatar

    Hang in there! Hope you feel better very soon.

    over 8 years ago
  • attypatty's Avatar

    Dear leepenn:
    Haven't seen any comments posted by you in a while. I hope you are okay. I identify with the anemia comment. I got to the same state about 3 weeks ago - couldn't even climb a flight of stairs or carry a load of laundry without feeling out of breath - to the extent I would have to lay down and rest just to catch my breath. My hgb got down to 6.9 and so had to have a transfusion. I felt so much better after that and hgb went up to 10. Just enough to get my last round of AC! What a reward!

    over 8 years ago

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