My Dad needs to get better so he can begin Chemo and Radiation. - LeslieS

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Update: We met with the oncologist and my Dad has been given the green light to begin Chemo in a week. He is still struggling with feeling down and eating - even though he knows that he must eat to receive potentially life saving treatment. We are trying to be patient and understanding and let him work through this the way he needs but it's hard to believe that he opted for the Whipple (which is such a HUGE operation) to now not be interested in getting better. His folks both died at 76 (that is how my Dad is) and he has said a couple of times that he has known he would die when he was 76 which doesn't seem likely since like it or not, he IS getting better every day!

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We are waiting for our Dad to be pro-active so he can begin his treatments but we can't get him motivated, even though he has a great chance at recovery. He has been devastated by the surgery and his huge decline in health.

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