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My Dad had the Whipple procedure 7/28/12. We had NO IDEA what a complicated surgery this would be. He was in the hospital initially for 10 days. Home for three, major setback and back in for 10 more days. His stomach was not processing even the tiniest bit of liquids. He is home now, and 30 pounds later we are desperately trying to get him healthy enough for Chemo and Radiation. His surgeon and his oncologist feel that the surgery was curative in nature and they would NOT have done the procedure had they only had prolonging in mind. They fully expected a curative outcome, after quick radiation and six months of Chemo. The biopsy of tissue showed cancel cells, but no discernible mass anywhere else. The problem is that my Dad who has always been incredibly healthy is not very weak and he won't eat. He complains that he feels full and feels constipated most of the time. My two sisters and I (we all adore our Dad) just don't seem to be able to get him to get with the program. He tells the doctors he wants to fight but when we get him home he sits in his chair and it's all he talks about is how awful he feels and he won't eat property or exercise properly. This is breaking our hearts because this was all to cure him and now he won't do what needs to be done to get better. We understand how traumatized he must be but we want to have our Dad around for a lot longer!!

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    I had a whipple Dec 29 2011, I had trouble eating and constant constipation. There are many stool softners and laxatives, you just have to find the one that works foe him. As far as eating, I was started on Megase and it worked wonders. After taking it daily for a couple of weeks I was able to go to weekly, then only as needed. I haven't taken it in several months and I am back to my precancerous weight and staying stable.

    about 8 years ago

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