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I underwent a radical hysterectomy including ovary removal. This was not initially planned as my oncologist had hoped "only" chemotherapy would be needed. But upon consulting specialists for this type of cancer it was concluded that a radical hysterectomy and ovary removal would give me the best chance of long term survival. No cancer was detected on the MRI before the operation but the subsequent biopsy revealed a cancerous tumour (5mm). The operation was incredibly emotional for me as I don't have children and had hoped to carry a baby one day. Before undergoing chemotherapy my oncologist suggested egg removal in case they were to become eradicated or too damaged from chemo. Therefore I am lucky that I at least have 10 healthy 29 yo eggs waiting for me for potential future surrogacy :).

The surgery went as planned and the surgeon was able to remove everything he needed to. However post surgical blood tests revealed low hemoglobin which we initially assumed was linked to my kidney failure. However this turned out to be internal bleeding so I had to have a 2nd operation 8 hours later. The operation was laparoscopic and aided by a robotic device, performed at the European Hospital Georges Pompidou in Paris.

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