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4/6/12- Spent the day almost side effect free! Yay! I'm also happy that I still have the hair on my head and everywhere else for the most part. I've noticed that the hair on my head has been thinning out a bit. When I wash it or comb it, the amount of hair falling out is more than usual and I know it's because of treatment. I still haven't bought a wig though. I do have a couple of hats...more like beanies. I guess I'm holding off on the wig in case I don't end up needing it after all. If I do end up losing my hair, then I'll buy one. :) I had cut my hair short but it seems to still be growing so I might end up cutting it again.

I haven't gone to church in a long time, but my Pastor, Connie, came by to visit me. At first I thought she was going to have a full sermon ready for me....but she didn't. She came with a nice fruit salad! YUM! She came just like any of my close friends do. She asked how I was and was sincerely interested in my treatment and how I was coping with the changes. We talked about my kids, my life, and time just flew by! :) She was happy to see that I have a very positive attitude about everything and said I'm a "Fighter". Oh yes I am! With God's help of course! He is my strength, my guide, and has always been here with me my entire life, no matter what. We then prayed and thanked god for all I've been blessed with in my life. For him being here with me through all this. It always feels good to pray and give thanks to God.

My radiation treatment was scheduled for an earlier time today. I had to be there at 2:30 pm. I guess they scheduled earlier since this lovely weekend my boyfriend has to inject me with Neupogen (to boost my WBC count) twice. Once on Saturday and once on Sunday. This will hopefully work and that way I can get my dose of Cisplatin on Monday.

I've only driven once since my Hysterectomy. So I've been getting rides to and from the Cancer Center. Fortunately I live only 15 mins away. After radiation I asked my dad to take me to the office where I work so I could pay for my medical insurance and also visit my co-workers. It's always nice to see them. :)

After visiting the office I went to Walmart to purchase supplies for my son's Paul Revere Midnight Ride diorama. We found almost everything but I gotta say....this little trip drained most of the energy out of me.

When I got home, my 3 best friends were waiting for me with all the supplies for a nice relaxing foot soak...oh my goodness!!! This is so what I needed after such a busy day! :) It was wonderful spending time with my girls, soaking my feet, chatting and watching a movie "Crazy Stupid Love". When all my girl pals left....my boyfriend arrived and I got to hang out with him for a little bit. He was so tired since he worked a 12 hour shift and drove about 45 miles to get home from work and then another 40 miles to drive to my house to spend the weekend with me. I love him so much for everything he does and everything he is. I feel that I have finally found my soul mate. :) Life is good!!!! <3

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    I didn't lose my hair. BUT i shedded ALOT and it continued a little bit after my chemo treatments were done. I remember being in a bus and resting my head against the window and playing with my hair because I was sleepy and the men behind me and tapped on my shoulder; your hair is falling out on my shorts. I looked down and said oh sorry. Then I just shook my head thinking to myself...if he would just know what I am and had been going through... and said: Dont shake your head...I turned around and Yelled I SAID I WAS SORRY... I Was soo mad... but I also went to church every sunday and that helped me alot with my patience and asking god to help me go through this....

    almost 8 years ago

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