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4/17/12- Spent the day "almost" side effect free. Just tired, so rested. A little bit of nausea in the morning but subsided after taking the Emend, then Zofran and finally the Compazine. Thank God for meds.

I rested in bed...and my little "Lily" played by my side like a little wind up toy. Then she slept...then she played some more...then slept...then she ate...drank water and pooped. Oh to be a kitten! LOL...aside from all her running around my life is that of a cat these days...sleep, try to eat, poop....LOL.....I wish she'd give me some of her energy. LOL!! Hahahaha! She's gassy too! OMG, I'm so glad I'm not gassy anymore....this was after my hysterectomy and probably stopped for the most part within the last couple of weeks or so. This kitten can clear a room!! OMG, I tried to fan her stink away from me furiously and she attacked the piece of paper I was using! Bad kitty!!! LOL :D

Eating was a challenge today, just overall lack of appetite. Ate fruit most of the day. Finally got some rice and steak in my belly for dinner. Also had and Ensure. I need to start taking my iron pills or eat more iron rich food cause if not I'll be needing to get a blood transfusion....which I kind of don't want.

So today was also day #1 of getting my Neupogen shot....*whine*....*whine* ....*whine*....I refused to poke my cousin who has had experience giving shots since he worked at a medical clinic, came over and did the honor of poking me in the arm....OUCH!...I still don't like needles.


Easy to Do: Agree
Minimal Side Effects: Agree
Minimal Impact to Daily Life: Agree

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