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3/26/12- So...first of all let me say this.." I love my port!". Seriously, makes the whole visit to the chemo infusion center so painless. :P You don't understand...needles are not my best friend. LOL Especially IV needles...ugh. :D Haha! Anyways, I got to use my port, and it felt like a tiny little poke and then I just sat...for hours...and made tons of trips to the BR as always. Made new friends while at the center. It was a full house....just insane to think how many people are going through this. But we're all there....fighters....ready for battle and ready to keep living our lives. :) My sister whom I love with all my heart dropped by during lunch time with some yummy Baja Fresh steak tacos. :) I ate good!!

I've been experiencing a certain kind of embarrassing sort of side effect. I first told my chemo Nurse Lulu....then Chemo Dr Kim....then my radiation Dr Safa. After my radiation treatment the radiation doc said it's due to radiation....surprise surprise..not really. I had read up on this and just needed him to see it....yes see it...and say it. The only way to get peace of mind and to make sure no infection or anything else going on. My b.u.m (seriously...those XXX's keep making me sound like a potty mouth LOL) is irritated. Now I know what diaper rash feels like...ugh. It's not a rash it's more of skin abrasion in the area. Ok I'll say it. It hurts to wipe darnit. LOL Anyways, after my afternoon radiation session, I got sent home with gifts....gloves, peri bottle, some aloe foaming perineal wash and a prescription for a numbing cream to apply to the affected area and an instruction sheet on how to aleviate discomfort from this side effect. I've resorted to unscented, alcohol free baby wipes as well...and super fluffy toilet paper. A trip to the BR takes me like 15 to 20 mins now, sheesh! LOL It's a process. Oh well, whatever it takes to take the discomfort away or minimize it at least. :)

I've also noticed that on Day 1 of chemo, along with day 2 and 3....I'm super hyper, energetic, talkative....you get what I mean. I read from someone it's due to steroids? Well I asked nurse Lulu at chemo and she said yes, there are steroids in the anti nausea med they give me....Decadron..sp? I'm on Emend with Dexamethasone on those days as well. Anyways, that explains it and I love those days! Prior to surgery and treatment I was always active, working, doing stuff, going on outings,keeping busy, enjoying life and I rarely stayed home and did...well....nothing. So on these days I feel more like myself. :) I've also noticed days 4 & 5 are my down time. Radiation hits me harder on these days and I just tend to feel tired and sleepy after treatment. My weekends are usually pretty good, days 6 & 7. I had been having vomiting episodes maybe once each day on weekends only...which only lasted less than 3-4 mins....but this was partially my fault. Like I said, I did not take my anti nausea meds in a timely fashion since I slept in and let the side effect take over. I'm changing that.

After radiation one of my BFF's picked me up from the treatment center and we went to Tutti Frutti for some frozen soy yogurt w/fresh yummy fruit!! Such a treat for me. I love it. :) Then I threw out the healthy and had two slices of pizza for dinner. LOL :D

I'm in to my 4th week now, and by the end of this week, I'll be at the half way mark!! Hoooray! I'm also looking forward to going to an Art Walk at The Brewery in LA with my bf, bff, sister, her boyfriend and the kiddos. Can't wait!! Weekends are my fun days still, so I'm so happy I can still do that. Of course I know it all depends how I feel. So I plan on keeping on feeling good! Hahaha! :D

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  • dpecky's Avatar

    Just popping by to say hello and hope you are doing well! From what I've read, you've been having some fun...good for you!

    over 8 years ago
  • Lirasgirl33's Avatar

    Thanks! :) Hello to you too! How are you doing? Yeah, thanks to God I'm feeling good...side effects here and there but managing...doing whatever it takes. :) Fun is good and getting out of the house...for some fresh air....well being in LA I don't know how fresh it is! Hahaha....but you know what I mean.....haha! :)

    over 8 years ago
  • ddiaz85's Avatar

    I never actually threw up. but my last chemo session I almost did. But lost so much weight because I wasnt able to eat like I wanted to. AND because the radiation and chemo messed up my digestive system. ALOT of accidents happened (TMI) and alot of skin abrasions like you mentionned. Lets just say I couldnt be too far from my house or else I needed to take modium AD. :(

    over 6 years ago
  • Lirasgirl33's Avatar

    It's good that the nausea didn't affect you too much but if it's not one thing it's another right? Grrrr! Girl it's never TMI, it's the reality of it all, cancer and cancer treatment isn't pretty so why sugar coat it? What we can do is just get through it the best we can and continue living, with a purpose.

    about 6 years ago

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