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4/9/12- So first comes my chemo...and then the radiation in the afternoon. Chemo (aka Spa Day) was kind of tiring today. Maybe because I only got about 4 1/2 hours of sleep last night, I think so. Before I could get my chemo, the doc had to make sure my WBC was within a good range. I had to wait for approx 1 hour until we got the results of the blood they drew from me, using my port. :) Fortunately I was sitting in my comfy chemo infusion room recliner and my dad was keeping me company. :) The results came back and yay! I went from 1.8 to 5.0!! Wohoooo! So the "clear" was given and I got my full dose (65) ml of Cisplatin today. My dad left for work. I took a 1 1/2 hour nap in my chair. My wonderful sister woke me up with lunch, tacos from Baja Fresh. Last time I devoured these!! Amazing, this time I had to force myself to eat them. This appetite change and change in taste is crazy. I only managed to eat 2 of the 3 tacos. I had been drinking Powerade, but once the Cisplat went into me.....the Powerade made my mouth start tasting like poo....well not exactly....it just seemed to enhance this weird metal taste in my mouth. I quickly put that away and switched to regular water. I got to exercise today yay! With my many (13) trips to the bathroom. LOL I put that bathroom to use!! LOL Oh and also...update, I haven't had the wiping issues I had before. The baby wipes, perineal wash and ointment worked. Within 3-4 days I was back to normal. Yay me!!! :)

After Chemo I went straight to radiation. Treatment went by quick. I fell asleep partially into treatment. Afterwards I got to speak to a lovely nurse who announced to me that I will have Interstitial Brachy Therapy in 2-3 weeks. Last day of external radiation is this Friday! Woohoo! From what she mentioned, she said Interstitial brachy therapy is differen than regular brachy therapy because I will have to be "admitted" to the hospital. She said I will be laying down, highly medicated, with the cylinder that emits radiation in me for 36 hours straight. I will have a catheter for peeing and some other rod in my anus.....wow. I can truly say I am not looking forward to this. especially since I have to have to do this 2-3 times. Oh well, we do what we have to do. I had tons of questions which she said she'd rather I speak with the doctor about. She said she would schedule me to see the doctor to go over the treatment.

The rest of the evening I was nauseated and I wasn't feeling like myself. I just rested, in bed. I managed to eat some fruit and drank an Ensure for dinner. My sister and her bf came by and I chatted with them a while, then my parents. My daddy I love him, he raised my spirits a bit...just giving me advice and reminding me about how lucky I am to have medical insurance and that whatever it is I have to go through, that thank God I'm in treatment. Things could be worse and I could not be getting the treatment I need. That made me look at things a different way and yes, I am very grateful. Thank you Lord. :)

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