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After I fake gagged at my PC doctor's, she sent me for a upper abdominal CT with a follow up scheduled for a week later. I was able to set up the CT scan the very next day and the doctor there called my PC and told her, "You better not wait a week to get back to this woman" so she called and asked me to come in the same day. It was quite obvious that she had never had to tell a patient they had cancer and in the end, I had to tell her, "It's all right, I know it's cancer." I asked about surgery, (no) radiation (no) chemo (perhaps) and she pretty much told me to do what I always wanted -- take trips, have fun. Essentially the idiot thought my days were numbered. geesh... Can just ANYONE be a doctor?
I later had a baseline PETscan - that was a breeze. I also had a liver biopsy - a little trying - hospital staff tried to reschedule my appointment three times until my sister got all up in their faces and told them she would go to the board of medical examiners if they did it again. Once there, THREE TIMES they tried to get me to agree to let them do an experimental procedure that did NOT include THEM paying for anything that went wrong afterward! As if! (harumph!)

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