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2012 Trans flap performed in January. Sent home after 5 days. Sent home with drains and removed after 2 weeks. Stomach was painful but was able to move around with meds. After week 3 noticed reconstructed breast turning lumpy and skin turning red. Went to doctor and said he ddn't think it was anything to worry about. Told me to come back in 3 months. Within 2 weeks I was back in hospital with emergency surgery to reopen the reconstructed breast that had become infected with neurcrosis. Had to stay in hospital 3 days and recovery about 3 weeks. Because I was large breasted before the reconstruction, I had a breast reduction at the same time as my trans flap. The problem was, they now had reduced the normal breast too small. I was a DD and now an A. In order to correct this, I had to return to hospital once again. This is now the fourth surgery since December. I chose not to have implant, so I had fat removed and implanted into the breast to enlarge.
Today, I have to wait till December to find out if the fat transfer worked. If the fat is absorbed back into the body, I will have to have the procedure redone. The only positive thing that has come out of this experience is I know have a flat stomach and perky boobs. I have never been able to go without a bra. This is great. Especially at my age.

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