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Procedure or Surgery Associated with Kidney Cancer . Posted on August 1, 2014 View this journey (2 Experiences)

My fiance had partial nephrectomy 8 days ago. Path reports states RCC, papillary, type 1, Grade 2. He is doing fairly well in terms of recovery from surgery, all things considered. Surgeon as he said "had to work hard" as the tumor was touching many blood vessels and the ureter. But, he was able to remove the cancer and the path reports says there are clear lines. Approx 80% of his kidney was spared (awesome!). He is only 47 yrs old so.. gotta save that good kidney tissue.. ! Some issues with healing as evidenced by urine leakage into his drain, which shouldnt be happening. If continues, then CT scan, and may have to insert new drain thru his back. Surgeon puzzled at this. One step at a time, tho, as always ! And most important: Praise God, he has done so well, so far.

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