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I was Blessed to Have a Doctor who did a very minimal treatment I have a 3 inch scar and she. Did the lobectomy thru this tiny opening ! I had my surgery at UCSF IN SAN FRANCISCO! I now have a second spot on other lung. My treatment will be a procedure called Cyberknife Radio Surgery ,as I'm not able to have surgery my lungs are so damage from. Smoking this is a very small mass basically they at going to zap it with a high dose of radiation! The procedure has been available for about 15 years. I Thank God Everyday for leading me to Wonderful, Smart Doctors and new treatments!

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    Well I grew a 7 centimeter mass in my right lung
    Last year I did 6 month chisplatin to shrink it
    To have surgery but couldn’t have surgery
    Bad lungs so I did 30 days radiation and 3 treatments
    Of carboplatin ! Went for my nine month
    Check up oct 9 something is growing
    I go back in one month for pet scan, dr talked of
    Immune therapy, carboplatin again. I have
    THAT. So one is is good one is bad I guess
    It’s all in Gods Hands !! I hope I’m not repeating myself
    If so I’m sorry!! I am having a hard time
    Navigating the site!!!!

    over 1 year ago

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