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I did experience some depression for a short while but one day when I looked down my my appliance it occured to me that instead of being sad about having a colostomy I needed to consider it a sign of sorts. Something to remind me everyday that I "used" to have cancer and today I do not. That thought has certainly carried me 22+ years. There is also a certain amount of anxiety that goes along with have a colostomy appliance. There are accidents one learns to accept in stride. One must never stop living because of it, I didn't and was able to resume every activity I had even done.

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    It's been almost 2 years since my surgery which also left me with a permanent colostomy. It was so hard to get used to and I used to have so much anxiety over it. I'm still very self conscious of it, even embarassed in front of my husband of 26 years. Does this get easier over time?

    about 9 years ago

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