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The second surgery was just done a week 1/2 half ago. The difference was from the first surgery was I had a nerve that ran the side of my arm that hurt just even when you touch it. When he went in to do 2nd surgery that went away after the surgery. I had a lot of swelling , Doctor only prescribed me pain medicine and only enough for 4 days. I had a lot of swelling and pain. It was not enough pain medicine and I took Tylenol and that was not cutting it. I talked to pharmacy they suggested I try Ibuprofen. That really helped, swelling went down that night and I could sleep. That said I wish doctor would of suggested it. I had the drains taken out within 6 days and it really felt a lot better to get them out. doctor plugged drain holes but one hole opened up that same day and continued to drain. I had to change out bandaids 4 times a day, but the drains were a lot more painful to have in.The only thing I had issue with the bandaids made skin tender even with paper bandaids. I am still draining but a lot less since I started taking the Ibuprofen. It will be 2 weeks this Wednesday and doctor has me doing stretching exercise. He wants full range by the time I see him, that has been hard to get that last bit. The last biopsy showed all margins clear, so then I have the next step which is PET scan and other scans. The surgery seemed to be more painful then what doctor told me I should be feeling, I was tired and took nap during day and would sleep hard at night, I did not feel like much activity but I did get up and walked as much as I could. My arm is numb and I do get sparks of pain, but not so bad that I can't take it. By evening time I feel tired still and looking forward to feeling myself again.

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    What I heard in this saga was "clean margins," and I say, Hooray! I also heard the same sad story that doctors always underestimate our recovery time and our pain after any surgery. I have come to believe that there is no such thing as "minor" surgery, because any time they cut into us, our bodies put up a major protest.

    about 5 years ago

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