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So dad's been eating less for a while now. Oatmeal in the morning, maybe one snack throughout the entire day and a very light dinner (maybe 3 bagel bites or a pancake, etc) and an apple (every day an apple:) and hello again mr roller he ate oatmeal for breakfast, a couple snacks throughout the day, two (small sized) frozen dinners, some italian bread with butter, some jello, a little debbie pastry and an apple. WHAT?!?! I don't know. Happy that he's eating and happy he's still kicking! Just don't understand. Memory seems to still be going little by little (its worse at times when he wakes up after periods of sleeping) OH...And found out today from Mom that the Nurse (who is a sweetheart but very straight forward with us as we asked her to be...we don't want her to sugar coat anything!) said to my Mom that with the amount of morphine that my Dad was taking on a regular basis, she's surprised he is still alive. (Dad doesn't know this was said) He still takes the morphine but not around the clock, he takes it more so as he needs it now. So here we are again...just hanging in there and loving him and spending as much time as our lives allow not knowing what the heck is going on. I'm so sad to see him go through this and I cry...A LOT! But I also smile when I see him smile a little smile and when he lets me hold his hand as he sits there. And I smile when I think of all the things we have shared and the things we did together when I was younger.

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