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One moment my dad looks like its nearing the end, the next day he seems like he could last another month or so. He is such a fighter and he is so strong. My mom and I are confused, sad, angry, tired and worried. I want to know if anyone else has been through this and what to expect. If you would have asked me last week how Dad's doing..I would have told you he looks like he is on his death bed. This week, I would tell you...I don't know, ok I guess...he's hanging in there. This is constant and Mom and I are not sure what to make of it. The Hospice Nurse thinks it could be before the end of the month which would only give us another week with my Dad. That observation seemed correct last week but this week he looks better..(not better by any means but better than the week before). He always likes going for rides in the car with my Mom but NEVER would go with anyone else. Not even me (his daughter) or his close friend. But out of no where after looking like he was nearing the end last week, he talks about going for a long ride with his friend...He didn't care if it was even out of state (which seems strange and caught my Mom, his Friend and Myself off guard...leaving us in awe. We are so confused. Does my mom miss work and start working half days? Is it that close to the end or does she save that time off for when it's closer to the end? How will we know when its closer to the end? I know there is no definitive answers for life and death. I know everyone is different. My mom and I are just looking for answers if anyone is in or has been in a similar situation. Any help, knowledge and/or advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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