External radiation - Louise

Radiation Associated with Chondrosarcoma, Bone Cancer. Posted on February 3, 2012 View this journey (4 Experiences)

I had SBRT and the mask was uncomfortable, not painful. This was because I had to lay completely still to avoid paralyzing the spinal cord, since C2-C5 were affected. The mask didn't fit well around the jaw area, and I had to jut my jaw out to fit the mask during the procedure. The side effects were minimal. The pain had slowly decreased over the past 6 months as the tumor has stopped growing. I have been able to drive the past month since I need to take less pain meds. The pain has been the hardest thing to deal with, but it is slowly decreasing.

Painless Experience: Agree
Minimal Side Effects: Strongly Agree
Minimal Impact to Daily Life: Agree

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