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Wow! Much easier than I expected (feared) AT FIRST. I had already had blood work out of the way, so went right to pre-meds (steroid and anti nausea tablets) and 30 mins of saline in the port. (Port access hurt for maybe ONE second, and no pain after that.) Next was a visit with the pharmacist, who went over side effects again, then 30 mins of mitomycin. After the mitomycin, the nurse put on her hasmat gear and set me up with 5FU, which will pump continuously for 96 hours. I make quite the fashion statement with that fat fanny pack, I'll tell you, but that is the ONLY side effect so far. So far so good!

Haha! Re-reading this, I have to laugh. I think I wrote it on Day Two. Well, that night, all XXX broke loose. I felt nauseated in the middle of the night, but didn't have the nausea pills handy. Went downstairs and opened the bottle and passed out on the floor, hitting my head and spilling 40+ pills everywhere.

I went on to experience most, but not all, of the common side effects: nausea, mouth sores, loss of appetite, change in taste, fatigue, nail discoloration (but not loss of nails, thank goodness!). I fainted several times in the middle of the night and early morning hours, fortunately with no serious injuries other than a sore shoulder.

The good news is all the side effects were temporary. Fatigue was the last symptom to disappear, but at 3 months out, my energy level is almost back to normal. No other side effects remain except the nail discoloration, and nails are looking better now, if not perfectly normal.

Glad it's over!!

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